Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Green Egg Omelette Available for Pre-order

Green Egg Omelette: An Anthology of Art and Articles from the Legendary Pagan Journal will be shipping soon and can be pre-ordered from Amazon with the link above or from the publisher.

Oberon Zell did the heavy lifting: tracking down long-lost contributors, making editorial decisions, and laying out the pages. I wrote a general introduction and shorter introductions for each chapter.

The chapters are organized thematically, with such themes as New Pagans; Old Pagans; Magick, Arts & Crafts; Gender and Sexuality; Power & Politics; and of course a Fiction chapter.

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Blogger Yvonne said...

I want one! Alas, not yet available via :(

9:43 AM  
Blogger HR Mitchell said...

I'm glad to see Lady Gwen Thompson included, but less delighted to see the misnomer of "Welsh Tradition Wicca" as one of the bylines for her.

She was somewhat upset (to put it mildly) the first time this was used (in the original publication of 'Wiccan-Pagan Potpourri'), the letters of complaint continued for two issues following. When GE reprinted 'Rede of the Wiccae' some years later, her Craft decsendants also protested the byline. Her tradition is not and never was Welsh, nor is it a Wiccan tradition - she persistently referred to it as 'Traditionalist'.

12:18 AM  
Anonymous David said...

How sad that Oberon didn't care enough to correct erroneous references to Lady Gwen as having practiced Welsh Tradition Wicca.

Lady Gwen was a Celtic Traditionalist, but at no point in time was her tradition referred to as Welsh Tradition Wicca. In fact, Edmund Buczynski, was the founder of the NYWT (New York Welsh Tradition) and the only thing that connects that tradition to Lady Gwen is that Eddie was initiated by her into Traditionalist Craft. There are a number of traditions which stem from the hands of many of Lady Gwen's initiates, but she solely referred to her tradition as Celtic Traditionalist and it would have been nice, given the amount of correspondence there has been correcting this over the years, if her memory had been better respected by noting that.

Blessed Be,

2:48 AM  

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