Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shaman's Drum's new fundraising

Timothy White started Shaman's Drum: A Journal of Experiential Shamanism & Spiritual Healing in the mid-1980s, at the same time that Jay Kinney started Gnosis: Journal of the Western Inner Traditions.

In fact, I met both publishers on the same evening in San Francisco, at a publishing gathering where they introduced their new journals. As a graduate student in religious studies, I ended up writing frequently for Gnosis, but I always subscribed to Shaman's Drum as well.

Both suffered a big hit in the late 1990s when a major distributor went under, owing them both significant sums of money. Jay Kinney closed Gnosis in about 2000 and went on to other projects; Timothy White and his wife, Judy, struggle on in Oregon.

Their latest plan is to organize a series of benefit auctions on eBay, offering such items as "traditional shamanistic craft items (drums, medicine bags and other items), original shamanistic paintings, collector's prints and photos . . . . back issues and/or discount certificatesfor workshops and tours advertised in the magazine."

They are also soliciting donated items to sell.

News of upcoming auctions is supposed to be posted on the Web site. It's not there yet, but check back later.

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Anonymous Jennifer said...

I miss Gnosis...we used to travel all the way to berkeley to pick it up...seems all the mags i used to read are gone or going. :-(

10:44 PM  

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