Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Pagan Blogosphere

If you're reading this, you may be wondering where to find other blogs by Pagans. And the short answer is, there is no one place. But here are some suggestions:

The gigantic and professionally designed Witches' Voice web site has a blog section.

You can find some links at The Juggler, the collaborative Pagan blog.

Another site that rates blogs is Pagan Blogs of the WWW. Find yet another list here. And there is a somewhat outdated site here, although some links were dead the last time that I looked.

"A Witch among the Navajos" update

I have added a photo of Malcolm Brenner to his article "A Witch Among the Navajos," which I added recently to my web site. This humorous photo did not appear in the original Gnosis article, but it was taken about the time of the events he describes, outside the very trailer next to the chapter house in Shiprock, New Mexico.

Malcolm posts occasionally about his writing and life here


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