Sunday, April 25, 2004

April in the snow

Blogging is a bit difficult right now. Thanks to a major spring blizzard, my home has had no electricity since Thursday night, the 22nd, and telephone service was restored only yesterday. I might also credit the local rural electric cooperative, which has not had anyone trimming trees out our way for at least ten years. Now their guys have to be out in the knee-deep snow and rain, clearing the power lines. (In fairness, it looks like some utility poles snapped off out on the praire west of Pueblo as well.)

So just link dumps today, as I work at my office on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The War of the Sweatshirts

Things are getting a little tense out there in Abrahamic Religions Land.

New papers posted on my home page

I will be putting some older essays and conference papers on my home page. For now, here are two:

"Fort Hood's Pagans and the Problem of Pacificism" --Why Starhawk's writings are not the best source for Wiccan attitudes towards war.

"If Witches No Longer Fly," (104 kb PDF file) -- An essay on contemporary Pagans and Solanaceous plants, originally published in The Pomegranate.


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