Sunday, November 01, 2009

Organizing Halloween Ritual

I said that I was not going to post any more Halloween items. I take that back. Here is one more.

One decision we've made is to rebuff curious friends who ask to join our Halloween rituals. It seems like half the people I know want to be pagan on Halloween. I have no problem with a little religious tourism. I'm a bit of a spiritual slut. I have never turned down an invitation to a Seder. Bach thundering through a church transports me. But when I see visions of bacchanals dancing in my nonpagan friends' heads, I get a little testy. Certain experiences are too comforting, too sacred to be spectacles. For me, Samhain is one of them.

This is what happens when the news media notice you only one week a year.



Anonymous Devon Ellington said...

I totally agree. I prefer the Samhain ritual to be more private. The best open days I've experienced (aka "spiritual tourism) have taken place on Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice. Visitors get the taste and joy of the ritual, without some of the scattered energy and interfered work that often happens at open Samhain rituals.

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