Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zippy, the Halloween Slug

I have heard of most of these Halloween folk customs.

The one with the slug is new to me, though, but maybe someone in the Pacific Northwest could try it and report.

Meanwhile, Red Witch in Melbourne is in the midst of a Halloween countdown, examining the commercial side of the holiday in Australia. (Some images may be NSFW.)

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Anonymous Pitch313 said...

The creature in the photo is a terrestrial Pacific Banana Slug, populations of which can be found in West Coast forests from Alaska to California. Mostly coastal forests. They eat all sorts of forest debris, helping it convert to soils.

Wikipedia tells us that the terrestrial European Banana Slug--a different species than the Pacific banana slug--is the world's largest, up to 12 inches in length. Ireland is part of its range. (My thinking is that the Pacific banana slug photo was snatchable on the web, but fails to illustrate to proper Irish oracular slime leaving slug!)

Oracular slug slime tracks is definitely Earthy! My redwood forest hiking experience is to let the slimy slugs go their own slow way, and don't touch the slime. It's very sticky!

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