Friday, August 14, 2009

Mazes and Labyrinths

A web page of mazes and labyrinths, from the Paleolithic forward.



Anonymous Pitch313 said...

Labyrinths and labyrinth-walking came as a late addition to my magical skill set. But labyrinth-walking offers the walker/practitioner a number of steps to change their awareness. ;-)

I learned about labyrinths and walking them from Alex Champion, a designer-builder who dowses his patterns so that they gently reveal Earth energies to those who pay them any mind. He had just built a marvellous little labyrinth for the City of Oakland, CA, Parks Department, among some cork trees at the North end of Lake Merritt. During the following years, many Pagans and many others did lots of magic with that little labyrinth--morning, noon, and night.

One advantage to labyrinth-walking magic, I discovered, is that it can be performed in public, before witnesses, with no questions about the magic asked!

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