Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2nd (or 3rd) Generation Pagan on a Backhoe

High Country News reports on a woman with interesting roots doing environmental restoration in the Pacific Northwest.

Erion grew up in a dying timber town outside Portland, where her father logged Mount Hood's forests and taught her to run the heavy rigs she now uses to decommission his old logging roads. He was the type of guy who would flick cigarettes into the forest, Erion says, then toss the pack after them. She was the type of 6-year-old who yelled at him for it. Her mom eventually divorced Erion's dad, moved to Portland and opened The Goddess Gallery, where she sold Roman, Egyptian and pagan idols, crystals and Mother Earth icons.

(Probably one of the same dying timber towns where I was repairing slot machines in the 1970s.)



Blogger Michael said...

How interesting - I just surfed my way onto your blog (via via via and I happen to be from Oregon - now living in NYC. And I used to go to The Goddess Gallery on Hawthorne street all the time.

Boring story, I know - but sometimes synchronicity strikes me as special.

10:15 AM  

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