Wednesday, June 10, 2009


After the better part of two days on the road, M. and I arrived this afternoon at a Homestead Suites hotel in Salt Lake City, where I will be attending the CESNUR conference.

The trip started off on a sour note, because my previously trusty-if-aging G4 PowerBook laptop developed a series disk-access problem on Monday night, taking the last version of my paper with it.

So, fellow professors, if your students say that the computer crashed the night before their papers were due, sometimes they might be telling the truth. (On the other hand, "grandmother's funeral" is probably made up.)

I will be reading partly from handwritten notes on Friday, I suspect.

We began with a long detour to Colorado Springs to drop the PowerBook off at Voelker Research, where the service techs considered it gravely and offered a 50/50 chance of data recovery in five or six days.

Ah, Colorado Springs, where there is no east-west through highway and never has been. Eventually by a series of zigs and zags known to locals we cleared town about 2 p.m. Then Ute Pass, Wilkerson Pass, Hoosier Pass, Vail Pass and westward into the desert until we finally called it a day in the motel oasis of Green River, Utah.

Every time I go through Green River I more and more get the feeling that it is picking up the people who cannot afford to live in trendier Moab.

Weirdly, it was raining in Green River today. That must be an event. It turned the land a darker shade of tan.

In fact, it's raining all over Utah, as witness the photo of the hotel's back garden, which looks semi-tropical. I was happy to drop the bags, pop the top off a bottle of Polygamy Porter (which ought to be the official beer of CESNUR), and relax.

M. has discovered that Whole Foods, Nordstrom's, Barnes & Noble, a public library, and a large park are all within about two blocks, so she has everything she needs, she says.

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Blogger Primigenia said...

Welcome to the 1950s errr umm... Pleasantville... errr ummm uhhh... Salt Lake City, the city by the... ummmm muddy, salty, brine "shrimp", gnat ridden, stinky lake!!! :D You gotta love Utah... or at least drink tons of beer while you're there.

See you are missing St. George... damn :( I hear Moab is groovin' though.


10:03 PM  
Anonymous Chas S. Clifton said...

Actually, M. would love to see the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge at Great Salt Lake, but with the weather being so rainy, it hardly seems worth driving up ther.e

St. George? Don't know, never been there, assuming you mean St. George, Utah.

I do rather think of Utah as Colorado's dark twin though.

7:26 PM  

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