Thursday, April 02, 2009

View from a Parallel Universe

M. and I are on the road, looking for books, brew pubs, and botanicals, so blogging will be sporadic for a few days. So far we have covered two out of three.

This interior view is not a brew pub, however, but one of our favorite coffee shops.



OpenID dmiley said...

Looks like something Christopher Alexander would architect.

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Chas S. Clifton said...

"to architect" is a verb?

I am working on the irregular conjugations.

The building, meanwhile, is what you might call vernacular architecture, originally built by the people who lived in it.

9:54 AM  
OpenID dmiley said...

Apparently, "to architect" as-a-verb is a hot topic. I work in systems architecture and it is common usage. But then again, physical architects don't think of systems architects as architects anyway. There are further extremes - I was once in a wine store when the clerk very sincerely stated that the chardonnay had great architecture:-)

Great photo. The title and content really was a pretty strong gestalt for me. It reminded me of Christopher Alexander because of the colors, use of borders, and also the sense of peering from one world into another. What was in my memory were pictures from his "Nature of Order - The Phenomenon of Life". The Medlock-Graham house living room ( on page 408 ) hits all the bases as does a shot (on page 383) of the Linz cafe. Alexander also has a real fondness for Islamic design which is echoed in the particulars of the rounded entry and the border.

The book itself is the first of a series of four. The first book lays down a universal field theory of aesthetics. This is as far as I've gone. But my intuition and the descriptions of the last three volumes lead me to believe that he will ultimately describe a universal field theory for spirituality.



6:55 AM  

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