Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spinning Flaming Pentacles

Writer Dianne Sylvan blogs on her early Pagan days -- books, groups, Marion Zimmer Bradley ...

But my favorite paragraph was this one:

Good god, Pagan websites used to suck. Remember MIDI files of Enya and spinning flaming pentacles? Black star-flecked background with violent purple lettering in 20 point font? Remember when cut-and-pasting Scott Cunningham was all you had to do to make your Geocities site popular?

Oh yeah. But I think I still have a folder of flaming-torch and spinning-pentacle GIF files somewhere on my hard drive. Do you think they might ever become retro-cool?



Anonymous Maritzia said...

bwahahaha....change that to spinning cross and John Michael Talbot, and you've got a catholic site. Dear Goddess, I hated sites like that.

10:26 AM  

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