Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Order Your Crystal Skulls Now"

Accompanied by a photo of Indiana Jones, that was the message at a rock-and-crystal dealer's booth that I saw yesterday at the INATS West trade show, whose slogan is Connecting Business, Spirit & Sales.

In case you are unsure, microscopic examination shows that the famous crystal skulls were produced on 19th-century machinery. Learn more here.

They do not contain messages from the Pleiadean Brotherhood, street maps of downtown Atlantis, or proof that Elvis and Jesus were the same being.

(Well, maybe I could argue the last in a freewheeling archetypal way. Alcohol not necessary but helpful.)



Blogger T.G.C. said...

Skullz hater! Stop hatin on the skullz! They did nothin to you.

But srsly, nice post. I hadn't realized all the skullz had been discredited.

10:50 PM  

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