Saturday, June 07, 2008

Gallimaufry with Native Spirits

Boppin' aroung the Pagan blogosphere in lieu of getting real work done . . .

¶ Lessons about getting spiritually comfortable in new ecological landscapes. I am not sure that I buy all of the writers' asumptions, but it is a good topic to bring up. And as all good Phil Rickman fans know, there are things that can "kill you and eat you" right there in the Celtic homelands.

¶ Still on the Celtic spirituality "over here" theme, Fiacharrey at the Cypress Nemeton thinks about encounters with Christian apologists in two posts, one and two.

¶ John Yohalem's perspective on attending a Passover seder this year.

But if there’s only one god (let’s call him El, the Genuine Article, as in a train high above the streets, or a box of exploding cigars), then he either rolls over and ignores us (the Red King a-dreaming) or he enters history, stirs the pot, tastes it now and then and adds spices to taste. (God-in-a-toque and the divine (Julia) child.) Jewishness is predicated on this interfering god, and interpreting reality through his interferences. (E.g.: Sodom means he’s anti-gay or something else that was done there.)

¶ Anne Hill is anticipating a central listing of Reclaiming-tradition bloggers

¶ The Nine Noble Virtues in LOLCat-ese. Eventually we will be tired of it -- the LOL-speak, not the virtues.



Blogger Pitch313 said...

I can be quite a jolt when you relocate from a long familiar landscape/bioregion to a new and unknown one. I moved from the SF Bay Area to the Oregon Cascades a few years ago, and I still don't have a deep sense of the landscape. Takes lots of work and study and testing to adapt in a practical-spiritual sense.

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