Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Seizing Symbols of Love

The Valentine's Day card that I bought for M. would be illegal to Saudi Arabia's Wahabi Muslims.

It would be an acknowledgment that women are more than a necessary evil, household appliances in veils. Maybe it's an incitement to polytheism too. Who knows?

In fact "red items" are a problem.

So if I had Saudi students and marked their papers in red ink, I would be inciting lust or something?

Aphrodite will not be denied.

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OpenID pitch313 said...

Are their local holidays or regional holidays anymore? Or do we celebrate worldwide those occasions targeted by enterprize for their enhanced marketing and profit taking opportunities?

I don't oppose Valentine's Day. But maybe, if you happen to be a citizen of a more or less Muslim country, it's not a good holiday to import.

Or maybe it's a holiday of resistance to sociocultural circumstances not imagined by the greeting card manufacturers who popularized it for us moderns.

When Valentines are outlawed, only outlaws will know the touch of Aphrodite...

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Glenys Livingstone said...

I enjoyed your report here Chas. I was amazed when I heard this news on Valentine's Day about red roses being banned in Saudi Arabia ... but like, guns are OK. The links you make are great.

I have only just recently become the excited owner of a lovely red electric bike. I aspire to a red helmet to go with it and red clothes. I hadn't quite realized what a statement it all was.


5:15 AM  

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