Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bog Bodies

I was shelving library books for my college work-study job when I saw it: "The Bog People Glob," the spine announced. After rolling that around in my mouth, "bog people glob bog people glob," I had to check it out.

And so the Danish archaeologist P.V. Glob introduced me to some dead people who were sort of time capsules from the late Neolithic to the Middle Ages.

Northern Path links to a National Geographic article that updates some of those stories. It turns out, for instance, that "Windeby Girl," supposed to have been executed for adultery or some crime, was actually a boy. Oops.

Wikipedia explains the preservation process.

I am waiting for someone who proudly follows a reconstructionist Pagan path to commit their body to a few centuries of tannic acid bath.

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Anonymous rosewood said...

I happened to see this story in NatGeo at the dentist yesterday. wow. The photos are amazing. They caught the eye of the other patient and after I showed him, he was a little sorry he saw. But if you're prepared for what you're seeing... wow.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chas, there'd be a bit of a problem for a Recon. Pagan undergoing a bog-type funeral, because scholars have all but come to the consensus (and, by "scholars, I mean specialists in the field, rather than certain conservative and extremist General Historians) that bog mummies represent Sovereignty Rites whereby these bodies were quite often deposed kings--found on ancient tribal boundary-lines.

10:24 PM  

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