Friday, August 03, 2007

And the Corn Palace Too

Victorian Slind-Flor puts the "Loaf" in Lammas, with photos of the Palouse region and, even closer to my heart, the sacred Corn Palace of Mitchell, South Dakota, one of the great Roadside Attractions of the northern Plains.

A quick flashback to a 1980s cross-country drive with M.: camping in the Black Hills and the Badlands, Wall Drug, and then showing her the Corn Palace--all memories of boyhood years spent in Rapid City.



Anonymous vs-f said...

Ha! Would you believe I was wearing my Wall Drug T-shirt when I typed my Lammas blog entry?

Funniest thing to me about Wall Drug was that I was there accidentally during the Sturgis Bike Ralley in 2005. The store was filled with a bunch of scary-looking folks in black leather. Scary-looking, that is, until I saw what most of them were buying: little kids' t-shirts that said "Grandma and Grandpa stoppped at Wall Drugs and all I got was this crummy t-shirt."

12:15 PM  

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