Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paranoids and Podcasts

Have you spent the last five years missing The X Files?

The technology of Internet broadcasting is not just for Pagan music shows. If, like me, you don't stay up for Coast to Coast AM to get your occasional paranoid conspiracy fix, try some of these:

Journeys with Rebecca offers such content as "UFOs: God from Inner Space" (free download). Angel hair, ectoplasm, mediumship--it's the 1870s again! Put on something violet, light some candles . . .

The Paracast offers "a world beyond science" interviewing long-term paranormal researchers such as "The Truthseeker at Roswell". Probably the most listenable.

The Jerry Pippin Show is big on conspiracies, all the "9/11 was an inside job" etc. "Conspiracy is a not a theory, but a reality of our daily life." (Warning: terrible Web design ahead.)

Fate magazine archives the Hilly Rose Show, one of the classics of "high strangeness." There is a Fate blog, too.

And don't forget that this summer is the 60th anniversary of the alleged Roswell, New Mexico, flying saucer crash. Or it might have been a balloon after all. People are still talking and a new alien theme park is planned. Or should that be "alien-themed"?


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