Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Why does the weather that you experience always look so much worse on The Weather Channel? I left home on Monday, supposedly into the teeth of the storm of the season (eight inches or thereabouts had fallen at my house) to find the highways no more than a little slushy all the way up to Greeley in northern Colorado. It's the equinox, and enough solar energy makes its way through the cloud cover to dry the roads if they have been plowed.

On the other hand, I had wanted to so some "thirty years later" photography today near Fort Morgan, Colorado (read the first chapter of Drawing Down the Moon to know why), but the county roads had not been plowed, and I didn't feel like fighting miles of snow/slush mix to get photos that I could shoot at another time of year.

So on east I went, chasing the storm into Kansas to the sound of Andrea Haugen/Hagaláz Runedance keening "Hail to the queen of death / Her shadow walks with you," which is fairly appropriate for this cross-country trip, when I am once again the lector priest.

And the landscape all grey, white, and bits of tan, the sky cut by swirling flocks of larks and solo hunting harriers.


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