Friday, January 13, 2006

Gwydion Pendderwen re-mastered

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The reissue of Pagan singer/songwriter Gwydion Pendderwen's work in a two-CD set is now available. You can order these works from Serpentine Music.

Anna Korn and I provided some of the liner notes, which include reproduced covers of the original vinyl albums and other photographs. Her longer version is here. To quote Serpentine's web site:

Gwydion was a gifted songwriter and performer, and at the time these albums came out--in 1975 and 1982--they were by far the best examples of Pagan song in existence. This music has continued to be very influential in the resurgence of Pagan culture in the US and beyond. Beyond that, these songs stand the test of time for their artistry and listenability. Now may they continue to inspire future generations of bards and poets.

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