Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Japanese deities

Part of the interaction between the native Japanese religion Shinto and missionary Buddhism, which came from China, was an attempt to correlate Shinto deities with the various past and future Buddhas of Mahayana (Northern) Buddhism.

The "Gods of Japan" photo website has both deities ("kami"> and Buddhas, in great detail.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being someone of a Shinto persuasion myself, as well as having a foot in the local Pagan community, I often find myself holding up Shinto as a counter-example to recieved wisdom about paganism. It serves as an object lesson in the real-world results of goddess-worship, polytheism, veneration of nature, and so on. Its long history of freely borrowing from and blending with other traditions, particularly Buddhism, also serves as a handy rebuttal to those who knock eclecticism. Both links provided are rather good resources, to which I often direct people with questions about Shinto.

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