Friday, October 14, 2005

God hates Sweden plus various other countries

Pastor Fred Phelps, that prophet of the Lord, is branching out with new Web sites devoted to countries that his god hates, e.g., America, Sweden, Canada, Madagascar, Nepal. (OK, some of those links won't work--yet.)

Here in Colorado we are blessed with occasional apparitions of Pastor Fred, probably because he can drive fast from Topeka to Colorado Springs without stopping to empty his bladder on unconsecrated ground.

By comparison, James Dobson looks like the Prince of Peace, while Ted Haggard is the Suffering Servant. Phelps makes them look good--it's always handy to have some loony to perform that function for you.

But Phelps would probably be happier as a Wahabi Muslim, where he could get a job that fits his talents.

(Via Harry Hutton.)

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Anonymous fionnulaharp said...

Do my Kansas relatives -- those of Swedish ancestry -- know of this? Hmmm, and I thought they were such good evangical Christians. After my wedding, they told everyone we were in a cult.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Chancy said...

This guy seems like a sort of guerrilla attack on the right wingers. The rhetoric is so over the top and ridiculous, I can't even begin to believe it is serious. Even if he is serious, I think he can only help to expose the fascists and hate-mongers for what they are.

8:13 AM  

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