Thursday, September 08, 2005

What about the dogs (cats, hamsters, etc.)?

I cannot agree with uber-blogger Glenn Reynolds, who said, "I think you should leave the dogs behind" when evacuating New Orleans (or elsewhere, I presume).

I have a contract with my dogs: You be good dogs, and I will see to your needs, take care of your injuries, and try to guarantee you a good death as well. There is a contract with the cat too, although some provisions are different.

Starving on a rooftop is hardly a good death, for one thing. I can see why some people would rather stay on than leave without their four-legged family members.

But dogs and other animals were left behind, and some people are trying to rescue them, although that effort does not receive the coverage of the people rescue. The Bark's blog has collected a list of Web links to organizations helping out, like the Louisiana SPCA.

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Anonymous Lynna Landstreet said...

I very much agree with you on this. I've never understood people who view animals only as possessions. It was heart-rending to read about police grabbing pets away from people who tried to bring them to shelters or out of the city with them, and turning them loose to starve, drown or be shot when they turned feral.

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