Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Potter menace

To my mind, the best thing about the Harry Potter books is that kids like to read them, and I generally think that Reading is Good. But I never made the important connection noted by Christian blogger Dan Edelen: Wicca is the first world religion produced in the United Kingdom. J.K. Rowling lives in the UK also. It's no coincidence!

As ever, don't skip the comments.

UPDATE: In a different sort of bitchfest, blogger Lindsay Beyerstein has all the links on Terry Prachett's denunciation of Rowling for not being a proper fantasy-genre writer.

It really pisses [Pratchett and Neil Gaiman] off that such a huge commercial success isn't counted squarely as a coup for the fantasy genre.

On the other hand, they really don't like the fact that a card carrying non-fanboy is kicking asses all over the best seller lists.

There is a sign on the border of every ghetto: "Sal si puedes. Get out if you can."


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