Monday, June 20, 2005

Celebrating the wrong solstice

In Britain, it's time for media coverage of the summer solstice mob at Stonehenge and elsewhere, but some archaeologists think that today's Pagans and friends are celebrating the wrong solstice.

It's all in the pig bones, you see.

The Telegraph newspaper editorializes,"And so this multicultural nanny [English Heritage] appointed by Parliament to nurse our stocks and stones takes a leading place in the summer solstice industry." (Registration may be required.)

Meanwhile, some of the preservation organization's staff think this is the perfect time for a job action.


Blogger Trystan said...

this is interesting, actually. having never been to England, i would imagine the winter is colder than where i am in PA.... and i usually have my Winter Solstice rituals indoors.

...on the flip side, the Solstice we just celebrated on June 21st the Winter Solstice... if you're Down Under. :)

~ Trys

9:06 AM  

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