Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Maying in Maine

Michael Bérubé is a Maine photographer whose blog, Another Maine, is a non-touristy photo-documentary of Maine life. (Don't confuse him with academic blogger Michael Bérubé.)

Recently he attended the Popham Beach celebration of Beltaine.

He comments, "As the modern era of NeoPaganism has now been expanding again since the late 1960s, it is interesting to note that such open public celebrations are again as multi-generational an activity today as they were in PaleoPagan days."

(Thanks to Marilyn Pukkila, who is in a couple of the photos.)


Blogger anothermaine said...

Three years on and I've just seen this post! (Preparing for our 26th annual Beltaine at Popham Beach tomorrow I was just browsing the net to see what mentions there were.)

My (belated) thanks for the plug of my write up.

-Michael Eric Bérubé

5:10 PM  

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