Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Helenic Paganism on DVD

Contemporary followers of traditional Greek religion got some attention during the recent Athens Olympics, and a new documentary film (made before the games) should help more. (For my earlier posts, see also here and here.)

I Still Worship Zeus, a recently released feature-length documentary film directed by Jamil Said, includes footage of rituals, games, music, and interviews, including a funny "average Athenian in the street" segment in which Greeks are asked whether or not the ancient religion has survived into this century. (Their responses are all over the place.) The film seems to focus in particular on the Dodecatheon (12 gods) group. The soundtrack is a mixture of English and subtitled Greek.

In particular, the film deals with Greek Pagans' experience with social discrimination and denial of religious rights by the national government, even while they position themselves as the "true Greeks."

The film's web site offers clips and still photos. A copy of I Still Worship Zeus on DVD is US $20; send email to "" for ordering information.

Buy yourself one for Candlemas, the festival of intellectual renewal.

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