Friday, December 03, 2004

Blog Stew

1. A University of Texas study suggests that the nutritional value of American vegetables has declined over the past 50 years (from Science Blog via MacRaven).

Yesterday two of my students, both living at about the poverty line while attending university, were complaining about how hard it is to eat high-quality food because "they make the price so high." Setting aside the tendency to blame things on "they," these two women had a point: high-quality food often does cost more than junk.

One of them, I know, drives to Pueblo from a prairie town and goes almost right past our favorite organic farmer's place--but what should she do after his harvest is completed for the season? I am not sure that I know. Take a generic multivitamin?

2. My brother-in-law has two public sculptures on display in Charlottesville, Virginia: "Business as Usual" and "One-Room Cow."

3. Thursday night is often B-movie tonight. Last night's offering, Red Blood, which was something like "Tony (Soprano) meets Tony (Hillerman)."

It had minor Mafiosi versus sort-of-like Apaches in the Mogollon Rim country of Arizona. A bunch of guys with real or assumed north Jersey accents (who auditioned for The Sopranos but were never called back) were paired off against every lesser-known American Indian actor in the book. Fat guys with guns and gold chains and bad-guy cowboys faced an Indian warrior (who was also, we are to believe, a New York City stand-up comedian) with a compound bow on a mountain bike.

A Yoda-like wise grandfather said things like "Every being is responsible for his own actions." (But Yoda would have said, "His own actions every being is responsible for," right?) It was multi-culturalism at its finest: a cliché to offend everyone.


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