Friday, November 12, 2004

Hiding out in the valley

Blogging has been a minimum lately. On Friday the 5th, I set off for three days in the San Luis Valley, winding up here, where the sandhill cranes far outnumbered people, and where Jack the Chessie got to make a couple of "hero dog" retrieves.

Duck-blind reading during the slow mid-day hours included the second annual issue of Tyr the journal of Northern Paganism, Nordic myth, and capital-T Tradition edited by Michael Moynihan and Joshua Buckley. This latest issues, which includes a CD sampler of revived Nordic folk and Pagan music, is available for US $22 from Ultra, P.O. Box 11736, Atlanta, Georgia 30355. (Make checks payable to Ultra.) I blogged the first issue here.

Together with quite a wide range of book and music reviews, this issue includes an article by Stephen McNallen, "Three Decades of the Ásatrú Revival in America," and a long, interesting piece by Collin Cleary, "Summoning the Gods: The Phenomenology of Divine Presence," plus numerous others.

Stephen Edred Flowers, another important writer on Germanic religion, offers "The First Northern Renaissance: The Reawakening of the Germanic Spirit in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries in Germany, Sweden, and England."

Other writers include Julius Evola, Alain de Benoist, Charles Champetier, Michael Moynihan, Steve Pollington, Nigel Pennick, John Mathews, Christian Rätsch, Markuss Wolff, Peter Bahn, and Joscelyn Godwin.


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