Sunday, October 17, 2004

Pomegranate updates

I spent a few minutes yesterday on updating the old Pomegranate Web site. SInce all the activity is at Equinox Publishing's new site, the old one exists mainly to sell back issues.

The first five volumes of quarterly issues, less one--19 issues all together--are available on CD-ROM in PDF format for US $20.

Just for fun, I put up a page listing the contents of Volume 6 (2004).

Finally, I am updating the contributors' style guide on both sites. (Changes at Equinox's site, however, will not be immediate, because I have to wait on their webmaster.)

As far as The Pomegranate style is concerned, I have issued an editorial "fatwa" about the capitalization of such words as P/pagan, W/witch, H/heathen, and so on.

It's "Pagan" both when referring to self-consciously revived contemporary
Paganisms and to other polytheistic, world-affirming religions, especially when viewed in contrast to monotheisms, for example, Roman Paganism.

My analogy is with "Hinduism," a category that did not exist until Westerners arrived in the Indian subcontinent and applied a label to a very diverse collection of religious practices.

It's "pagan" when the meaning is "irreligious," "sensual," or merely "nature-loving," for example, we could take the last sense and speak of the literary paganism of Algernon Blackwood.

This rule tends to follow American over British practice, but I'm an American. They get to keep their single quotation marks and to put the full stop outside the final quotation mark in a sentence. (Canadian usage is a muddle, but that's another issue all together.)


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