Sunday, October 03, 2004

New blogs on writing

Bitch Novelist: "I suppose I should begin by telling you what this blog is for. I have no intention of being one of those bloggers with attitude, as in fuck you, you figure it out. I welcome readers of this blog as enthusiastically as I welcome readers of my novels. It's the industry, the prize committees, the reviewers, and many over-hyped novels that I am here to bitch about"

Galley Cat, a spin-off from Cup of Chicha: "While reading is still considered a relatively private and intellectual endeavor, national book clubs seem to drive up sales by ensuring books' social currency. Reading no longer needs to be the artsy equivalent of solitary confinement; instead, it can be a ticket to a group event, as well as an affordable emulation of a beloved celebrity's habits. Consequently, if you think literary culture is suffering for lack of readers, you probably see some good in TV shows' book clubs; and if you think literary culture is suffering because people no longer like to think -- at least, for themselves, that is -- book clubs may seem like its death knell (and here comes the grim Ripa). "

Not as new, but I never linked to it: Maud Newton's blog, now featuring The Secret [Literary] Agent


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