Friday, October 29, 2004

More Pagan movies

While we are waiting to see Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great, an Icelandic-Canadian cinematic version of Beowulf is also in the works, and from the Web site Beowulf and Grendel looks visually stunning. Although the original story is set probably in Denmark, this one is filmed along the rugged Icelandic coast: read about it in their blogs, linked at the site.

Meanwhile, M. and I recently watched The Witches (also called The Devil's Own, a 1966 thriller starring Joan Fontaine and Kay Walsh. It was better than we expected, even though the outline of the plot was rapidly apparent. (Why is so important to preserve the lovely 15-year-old girl's virginity, hmm?)

Ah, the countryside, preserving the Old Ways under the guidance of the great families who have the villagers' interest at heart.


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