Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's too easy . . .

. . . to make fun of the "teen witch" fad. I try to restrain myself. I was 16 once too. But then the Llewellyn New Times catalog arrives, announcing their new Teens & Tweens Web site

Are you "Craft curious, but seriously sick of those dense, boring bookstore books on Wicca?" Yes, this is the site for people who can't make it through even Silver Ravenwolf or Scott Cunningham's work, presumably, as I doubt the copywriter has even seen Earthly Bodies, Magical Selves.

Fans of Laurie Stolarz's young-adult mystery novels such as White is for Magic can buy T-shirts proclaiming their allegiance--or lunchboxes, camisoles, and caps.

"Check out our Wicca channel for spellcraft support, Tarot channel for card counseling and Astrology channel for horoscope help."

Chevrolet, part of General Motors, competes with Pontiac, another part. Llewellyn, too, has started to compete with itself. Result: more market share.


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