Saturday, August 28, 2004

"The Witches Next Door"

Crisis, a conservative Catholic magazine, offers a new article on evangelizing Pagans, which such quotes as these:

"Why should Catholics care about a religious system so alien to ours? The simple answer is: It’s there, it’s growing, and some ex-Catholics find it attractive. (A more flippant answer: Look at what we have in common; after all, we’ve both had problems with Protestant Fundamentalists and been maligned in Jack Chick comics.)"

It all comes down to the usual stuff: Jesus trumps the Horned God. Catholics should set aside any distaste with Paganism long enough to drag us back into the True Church.

But Crisis has bigger image problems right now: editor Deal Hudson has had to resign as President Bush's liason with Catholic voters after some skeletons fell out of his closet, as revealed by the National Catholic Reporter here.

(Thanks to Wendy Griffin for the original link.)


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