Thursday, August 12, 2004

Pentagon turns to Wiccan chaplain

Patrick McCollum, Wiccan chaplain in the California state prison system and advisor to Wiccan prison chaplains in several other states, is now advising the Pentagon on Wiccan soldiers' needs, according to the Contra Costa Times in this article.

The article requires registration. Why do newspapers make it more difficult for people to read their online content? But there is a way around the registration issue: if you don't feel like giving them your name, visit BugMeNot and pick up a generic password for that paper's web site.

Now on to the lead paragraph:

After U.S. military personnel pelted American Wiccan servicemen and servicewomen in Iraq with bottles and rocks as they worshipped in a sacred circle, the Pentagon turned to Patrick McCollum of Moraga.


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