Friday, August 27, 2004

Another witchy movie

Keeping up with the theme of small-p pagan books and movies (see entries here and here), M. and I have now watched I Married a Witch, released in 1942 and starring Veronica Lake in her prime--all long blonde hair and sleepy, scratchy voice.

Robert Benchley, a well-known humorist of the time, plays best friend to the bridegroom, Fredric March.

The plot revolves around the stereotypical idea of the witch giving up her powers to marry a mortal, which meant that I had to endure M. making gagging noises every time Lake's character, Jennifer, would say something like, "I want to be good wife, darling."

The South African-born actor Cecil Kellaway, who plays Jennifer's sorcerer father, Daniel, apparently once had a guest role on the 1960s TV sitcom Bewitched, which was based on much the same premise.


Walking past the Chemistry building on my way to the parking lot yesterday, I had a random thought that it was 20 years since I had bought my first personal computer, a Kaypro II.

Offering a state-of-the-art 64k memory (that's kilobytes, not megabytes), it was also portable, which is to say that it had a handle riveted to one side, and its two sections could be snapped together to make something the size and weight of a heavy suitcase. I traveled with it belted into the passenger seat of my '69 VW bus.

But it got me through numerous freelance writing assignments , graduate school, and the production of Iron Mountain: A Journal of Magical Religion, a forerunner of The Pomegranate.

And I am happy to say that the editorial copy for Pomegranate 6.2 went off to the copy editor in England today, meaning that we should have copies in hand in time for the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Pagan Studies conference.


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