Thursday, July 29, 2004

Nanny-state tendencies, and what about that May Pole?

Recently, British police officers have been forbidden to join the British National Party, a political party which might charitably be described as far-right. More here from Wikipedia.

You don't like far-right parties? Fine. But the BNP is, as its web site points out, a legal political party in the UK. Imagine an American cop being told, "You will lose your job if you register as Libertarian (or Green)."

In another weird drug-war development, it is seriously suggested that British children could be vaccinated against euphoria.

I don't mean to pick on the Brits. These same things could happen tomorrow in Canada under the banner of "order and good government." They could happen the day after tomorrow in the United States under the banner of "The War on (whatever)."

Two incomplete thoughts:

1. As a Pagan, I have strong small-l libertarian feelings. As Judy Harrow once pointed out to me, ours is a "high-choice ethic." We make up our own minds. Evidently Police Constable Smith is no longer to be trusted to make up his own mind. Nor would the kids be trusted. The less a government trusts the people, the more totalitarian it becomes--even if for the "best" of reasons.

2. Back to the BNP: Take another look at its web page. Click on the link at upper right that says, ""New 'Land and People' site launched." Watch the photos--particularly in the upper right. See that May Pole? Hmm. Does the American political right own "family values"? Does the British political right own (revived) Pagan symbolism?


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