Sunday, July 25, 2004

Is Starhawk (still) Jewish?

Terry Mattingly of the religion-and-journalism blog GetReligion has posted recently on the difficulties of determining Jewish identity, both for Jews and for journalists.

His post is based on the National Jewish Population Survey of 2000-2001; the link is to a longer article that he wrote. What caught my eye was his line about "non-monotheistic religion," but then he mentions Islam (?!). And here I was expecting some exploration of the prominence of certain Jewish Pagans.

The survey defined a Jew as someone whose "religion is Jewish, OR, whose religion is Jewish and something else, OR, who has no religion and has at least one Jewish parent or a Jewish upbringing, OR, who has a non-monotheistic religion, and has at least one Jewish parent or a Jewish upbringing."

I guess people like Mimi "Starhawk" Simos belong in a "hard-to-define, niche spirituality" to newspaper religion writers, to quote Mattingly's blogging colleague, Douglas LeBlanc.

Here is Jewish commentary from Starhawk's home town, but it focuses on the dating and marriage issues.


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