Saturday, June 05, 2004

Somehow I always suspected . . .

The Salt Lake City Weekly has a feature story on how Jay's Journal, that staple of the nice-kid-caught-up-in-the-occult genre, is basically a fake. (Go Ask Alice is another.)

Titled Jay's Journal: The shocking diary of a 16-year-old helplessly drawn into a world of witchcraft and evil ... the book changed Alden from a sensitive, questioning young man with a high school girlfriend and sympathies toward Eastern religion to a curious teenager who unwittingly finds himself participating in vile satanic rituals, crazed sex with a girlfriend named Tina and outrageous acts of supernatural black magic. The book remains true to Alden's fate, however. By book's end, Jay kills himself.

Me, I was never caught up "the occult." It's because I knew that "occult" is an adjective--as in "the occult what?" (Sheesh, talk about a "disease of language.")

Thanks to The Pagan Prattle.


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