Wednesday, June 02, 2004

"Sampling Paradise" revisited

Writer Erik Davis rewrote his article on Goan trance music, "Sampling Paradise," for a new anthology out from Routledge, Rave Culture and Religion, edited by Graham St. John.

Read the whole thing here; meanwhile, a sample paragraph:

Techno historians already know that English working-class kids brought raves back from Ibiza, the cheap vacation island off of Spain whose weather, slack, and lack of extradition treaties made it a Goa-style hippie colony decades ago. The original Ibizan DJs were certainly freaks, mixing Tangerine Dream in with their disco. But the holders of bohemian lore will tell you that the esoteric lineage of electronic trance dance lay further east, in Goa. When I spoke to Genesis P. Orridge, the leader of the magickal techno/industrial outfit Psychic TV, he said that "the music from Ibiza was more horny disco, while Goa was more psychedelic and tribal. In Goa, the music was the facilitator of devotional experience. It was just functional, just to make that other state happen."


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