Monday, May 03, 2004

"Bless that pet"

Ship of Fools, the (mostly Anglican) Christian humor e-zine, collects humorous captions of liturgical pet-blessing under this introduction: "Animals used to get sacrificed by priests, but in these liberal times, they get blessed up instead."

And speaking of Anglicans, this blog, by a female Episcopal seminarian, gives me a chuckle, insofar as I was raised a Broad-to-High Church Episcopalian myself, until I bailed out at age 15. She writes that she is "one year closer to being ordained a priest."

It's funny how Episcopalians speak of ordained women as "priests," i.e., as honorary men. Perhaps the word "priestess" carries too many connotations of flickering flames, tinkling cymbals, diaphanous costumes . . . and erotic Paganism.


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