Friday, April 09, 2004

Tropic of Night

If I had to describe Michael Gruber's new novel Tropic of Night in Hollywoodese, I would say that it's "(Miami crime writer) Edna Buchanan meets (ethnobotanist) Wade Davis."

Detectives, sorcerers, preschoolers, santeros, this world, the otherworld, all handled deadpan:

"I read threat in the way they were standing: two Latina women in tan servant's uniforms, a dark woman with shopping bags, with a little girl and an older boy in tow; a zombie; two thin Oriental guys in cook's whites speaking Cuban Spanish, and a very fat copper-skinned woman with a cane and a palm fan, all typically what you would find at any such corner in low-rent Miami, except maybe for the zombie."

Thanks for the tip to Steve Bodio, whose own latest book is Eagle Dreams.


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