Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Pagan Studies marches on

The book series on Pagan Studies that I co-edit with Wendy Griffin has now grown to four titles. If all goes well--if the publisher accepts my ms.--then two books should be ready in time for the American Academy of Religion-Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in November.

First would be Researching Paganisms: Religious Experiences and Academic Methodologies, an anthology edited by Jenny Blain, Doug Ezzy, and Graham Harvey.

I will have a piece in it called "Drugs, Books, and Witches," which the editors have put in the section, "Challenging objectivity, theorising subjectivity."

Second, as I blogged on 12 April, would be my book, Her Hidden Children.

In addition, Wendy is working on a book called Goddessing: Contemporary Women and Ritual Magic, while Barbara Jean Davy is preparing the first undergraduate textbook on Pagan Studies.

I can't wait to see the book display.


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