Sunday, April 04, 2004

Church of the Eternal Source co-founder dies

I learned just recently of the passing in January of Don Harrison, one of the founders of the Church of the Eternal Source.

Since he was a teenager in the 1940s, Don had been drawn to ancient Pagan religion. In 1967 he started to publish a modest neo-pagan discussion magazine in Los Angeles, which he called Julian Review after the Emperor Julian.

Later, through the pioneer Southern California Pagan group Feraferia, Harrison met Harold Moss and Sara Cunningham, who joined him in founding the Church of the Eternal Source in August 1970 as an umbrella for groups and individuals wishing to follow reconstructed ancient Egyptian philosophy and religion.

In addition to creating many items of art, furniture, and temple furnishings based on Egyptian prototypes, Harrison wrote three historical novels, The Spartan, The Alexandrian Drachma, and The Lion Warriors.

(My thanks to the Rev. Harold Moss, CES, for the photo and information.)


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