Tuesday, April 20, 2004

All the sagas in one place

Visit Saganet for a complete (Norse and English) searchable compilation of all the pre-13th century Icelandic sagas.

The material consists of the entire range of Icelandic family sagas. It also includes a very large portion of Germanic/Nordic mythology (the Eddas), the history of Norwegian kings, contemporary sagas and tales from the European age of chivalry. A great number of manuscripts contain Icelandic ballads, poetry or epigrams. These Collections are kept in The National and University Library of Iceland, The �rni Magn�sson Institute in Iceland and in the Fiske Icelandic Collection at Cornell University. All manuscripts, on vellum and paper, and printed editions and translations of the Sagas as well as relevant critical studies published before 1900 are included and available through the Internet.

And it's amazing. (With thanks to Languagehat.)


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