Saturday, February 14, 2004

"Hello, Pagan"

Despite the best efforts of those of us at The Pomegranate and such writers as Michael York, author of Pagan Theology (and a member of The Pom's editorial board), some people continue to use "Pagan" as a synonym for "irreligious."

Consider the "Pagans Only" page at the fundamentalist Christian TTW Ministries. (Thanks to The Paris Project for the link.)

Like too many of my students, preacher Todd Friel is confused about apostrophes and the use of the comma in direct address. "Pagan's" is not the plural form of the word "Pagan, and that "Hello Pagan" makes me think of "Hello Kitty," which sends my mind off in entirely unsuitable directions. (Love the blue hair, though.)

Sometimes to feel as though I am truest to my Pagan heritage when I am teaching rhetoric and grammar. Maybe we need some WWQD bracelets: "What Would Quintilian Do?"


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