Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Revealer

When I left (I thought) journalism to go to graduate school in religious studies, I thought that one possible later career path would be to be journalist specializing in real religion reporting, as opposed to merely retyping churches' news releases.

That path was not taken, but others have taken it, and a new way to follow religion-reporting is The Revealer, a blog based at New York University.

From a current entry:

"The religious language with which Disney sold its Celebration [planned community in Florida] and with which buyers bought it isn�t coincidental. The town was -- is -- the most stunning example of civic religion aestheticized, an extreme-case scenario of gated communities and �new urbanism� throughout the country, the realization the impulse to create through quaint, storybook settings the community once provided by more stringent faiths.

"But all good things must come to an end, and so Disney embraces evolution rather than creationism by putting its Garden of Eden on the block and announcing plans to build elsewhere."

I am flattered that Revealer's "Links--Pagan" page includes this blog and also The Pomegranate, which is taking a lot of psychic energy now as I prepare the first issue with our new publisher.


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