Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Of course Jesus was married

I did not want to be one of the 50 people in the English-speaking world who had not read The Da Vinci Code, especially after one of my students wrote a flattering review of it in which I recognized all the elements of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, so I got a copy. Think of it as "Tom Clancy meets Holy Blood, Holy Grail."

It's a remarkably Pagan-friendly book, in a generic sort of way.

Apparently, the book's success has led more Catholics to take a hard look at the Opus Dei organization.

Meanwhile, the book's success has Christian apologists scrambling! No, he wasn't married, no no no! All wrong! Evil obscene pagan propaganda!

Here is another attempt.. But all these Christian apologists can do is endlessly quote their four gospels. They do not deal with the notion that 1st-century Jews did not promote celibacy as a religious option. Temple priests, rabbis, kings and shoemakers were all expected to marry and produce children. How would a healthy 30-year-old carpenter/building contractor have evaded that social responsibilty?


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