Wednesday, December 31, 2003

And not a minute too soon

I am referring to 2003, of course. Let it be over with. I have just checked two thirty-ish couples, plus dog and toddler, into our rental cabin, and I hope they have a good New Year's Eve celebration. Mary and I will be catching up on The Sopranos on video, since we live beyond the range of cable television.

We have just returned from a 3,800-mile train trip: Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington (and for me, Newark and New York--right through Tony Soprano's fictional homeland). Two-and-a-half cheers for Amtrak; I think that it is time we join its "frequent traveler" club and see if we can get any discounts or upgrades. That makes two transcontinental rail trips in six months, and it sure beats flying commercial airlines, an experience that is more and more like going to jail--without the jail cuisine.

And now we have yet another of those perpetual, unwinnable marital argument topics: Is the Superliner (double-decker) sleeping car preferable to the Viewliner (single-decker) sleeping car, or vice-versa? I vote for the Superliner: true, the upper berth has no window, but it just has much more of that 1940s, film noir feel to it, even though the cars are newer than that.


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