Monday, November 10, 2003

It was Fated

After letting my subscription lapse about three years ago, I have re-subscribed to Fate magazine.

I have to admit I missed it: the UFO sightings, the "True Mystic Experiences" from people who could not possibly be making it all up (this is not the Penthouse Forum, folks).

And the wacky ads: "The most frightening book in print," the Atlantean crystal headband (only $59.95), the "free" Tarot readings, and all the ads from world-famous psychics and mediums.

In 1994 Llewellyn Publications bought Fate from the small company that had published it since 1948. Knowing better than the earlier publishers, they promptly changed its small, "digest" format to a fullsize 8 x 10-inch magazine. In fact, I had an article published in that first "full-size" issue on the archaeological anomaly of "Colorado ogham" inscriptions.

But it looks now like the conservative readers won: Fate is back in the digest format, only with some process-color pages instead of only black and white photos.

Maybe I should buy the poster of the first issue cover, complete with flying sauces that look remarkably like compact disks with a notch cut out of them. Who knew?


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