This questionnaire was circulating at Colorado State University-Pueblo
around 2003... The author remains anonymous.

You Might Be From Pueblo If..

a. You think it's natural for Irish Pub owners to wear cowboy hats.

b. You've eaten fresh chicken enchiladas at 1 a.m. because you're too wasted to drive and Liz's delivers until 2.
c. You begin every "authentic" meal at Mexican restaurants in other cities with the phrase, "Well, it's no Mill Stop.."
d. You've made friends with people who live near Prairie and Northern with the sole intent of having a place to park for the fair.
e. You've made friends with people who live near PCC with the sole intent of having somewhere to park for the Bell Game.
f. You leave your Broncos super bowl party after the third quarter so you can get in line to cruise Northern with flags and bottle rockets.
g. You've ditched school to party at Minnequa Park on Cinco de Mayo and you're Irish/Italian/Polish/etc.
h. Sausage is for sandwiches. Pizza is for breakfast. Luckily, Ianne's makes both.
i. You can't visit the Nature Center without thinking of at least one Honor Farm ghost story.
j. You think pork is the only white meat.
k. You've nearly killed a golfer trying to cross Thatcher.
l. You've been rear ended more than once for stopping to let the geese cross in City Park.
m. You know to avoid the Southside when it rains.
n. You know who Billy Cox is and you've actually seen him.
o. You know what the KDZA Jingle Bell Rock is and may have actually looked for it.
p. In your high school years, you sat in the back of a car drinking Milwaukee's Best or Mickey's Bigmouth through a straw.
q. You learned to put green olives in your beer at the Sunset Tavern.
r. You are a fine connoisseur of Green Chile.
s. You actually know what a "Slopper" is.
t. You've been to a "Bell Game" or the "Cannon Game" drunk.
u. You've ever partied in the prairies at places with funny names e.g., The Tunnels, The Cul-de-sac, The Old Res, The Beach, The Clearing, The Rainbow Tunnels, The Location, The Swallows).
v. You've made out at Liberty Point (hasn't every one)?
w. You've heard that Pinon nuts can be considered Mexican gold.
x. Your friends who didn't grow up in Pueblo always refer to it as "that place where you can send for government publications."
y. You are the proud mandolin player with the Okalitza Tamburitzas.
z. Your grandparents refer to people of Polish descent as "Bojohns."
aa. Tamales are always included in your Christmas dinner menu.
ab. You think Gus' Tavern is the Southside Branch of the Pueblo Teacher's Credit Union.
ac. "For reals" and "wise out" are the phrases in your vocabulary for "really" and "just kidding".
ad. You went to South High and sat outside Burger King on Friday nights.
ae. You know what "Luv'n Low" is and actually know someone that
af. You've ever seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight in the Chief Theater.
ag. You become a life member of 4-H.
ah. You ever bought a wristband to get into the State Fair for 20 some consecutive days so you could cruise the midway, drink beer at "The Pub" and maybe even ride the "zipper."
ai. You've ever seen Loverboy, 38 Special, America, or The Scorpions at the Fair grounds
aj. You played Bantam League football.
ak. You think primer gray is an actual car color (isn't it?).
al. You keep a schedule of all the Catholic Church festivals on the 'fridge'.
am. You think the names of all the stores end with the letter "S" (Safeways, Wal-Marts).
an. Your post-high school ambition is to work at Mission Tortilla Factory or Convergsys.
ao. Your grandmother asks you for a ride to the mall so she can go shopping at "Wards" or "Penneys."
ap. You park your truck on Northern the night before the Fiesta Day Parade so you can have a good seat the next day.
aq. You think "youse" is the plural of "you."
ar. You still call KDZA to request Journey songs.
as. "Southern Comfort" played at your high school prom.
at. You still wear your "Old Timers" baseball shirt and you are a junior in high school.
au. You've ever been to a wedding reception at the VFW Hall, St.Joseph's In the Grove or the 4H building at the Fair grounds.
av. The floors of your house are lined with plastic runners and the lamp shades are covered in plastic.
aw. You think the Lady Fair Laundry logo was the pattern for the Susan B. Anthony dollar.
ax. You had your 10th birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (or maybe even Shakeys).
ay. You think Taco Bell on Abriendo is the Central High School cafeteria and the Taco Bell on Elizabeth is the Centennial High School cafeteria.
az. You go to Pass Key to get an "Italian sausage sangwich."
ba. Your Mom ever stayed home from work to catch up on "the stories."
bb. You live in a shack but you have a top of the line satellite dish in the backyard.
bc. You go to Taffy's to get a bag of popcorn and a limeade on your way to the Mesa Drive-in.
bd. You were conceived at the Mesa Drive-in.
be. You smuggled five of your friends into the Mesa Drive-in in the trunk of your car.
bf. Your first experience with alcohol was Everclear in a Sonic cherry limeade.
bg. Your grandfather tells you he retired from the "Ordnance."
bh. Your elders refer to the city as "pyeblo" or "peblo."
bi. You sell a punch off your free school lunch ticket so you can get high at noon.
bj. You think potica and Italian cookies are the main food at a wedding.
bk. You think Mesa Ranch Supply carries the official apparel for County
High School.
bl. At one time during your youth, your softball team was sponsored by Angelus Chapel, Flores Grocery, Double J Meats or Porky's Tavern.
bm. You think beans are good.
bn. You know everywhere in Pueblo takes 10 minutes to get to but the "other side of town" is way too far to travel.
bo. You never went to a concert in Denver cause it was too far.
bp. Partied at the Glory Hole or Pixie's.
bq. Waited over 2 hours for a Dew Drop Inn pizza.
br. Went to a Nature Center River Dance party.
bs. Dove from the cliffs at the "res."
bt. Went to East High and partied at the Hill.
bu. Partied at the Cavalcade.
bv. Know that PMI was the only party place that South and Central were allowed together.
bw. Met in the parking lot of your high school after every single football game even though it wasn't allowed.
bx. After college you moved back to Pueblo to start your own family (even though you always said you would never come back)!
by.You partied at DiscoNection or St. George and the Dragon and slid down the slide
bz.You went to the Pueblo Ice Arena and got ice shavings to keep your kegs cold
ca.You have had a Pueblo police officer ask, "Are you going to ride in that car or get out?" while dragging Main sitting on the car door, hanging out the window.
cb.Skateland was the place to be when you were in Junior High but, you wouldn't be caught dead there when you were in High School.
cc. You know that the slabs have nothing to do with ribs; everything to do with basketball, and it's located on Elizabeth.

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